Athapookalam Drawings

This is the best collection of images, pictures, and greetings with Athapookalam Drawings. Download and use these wallpapers as the reference for decorating your home in a fabulous way. Feel free to use these Pookalam drawing images to wish your loved ones for the happiness and prosperity on the Onam day. These pics and wallpapers are easy to download and share via social media sites.

    Celebrate this day with a heart filled with peace, love and hope. I'm wishing that you are the family do well and may you find your happiness is life.

    When King Marvel was ruling the land all people were equal and same there was no theft and betrayal not even little bit lying.

    Fortunate is the one who has learned to admire, but not to envy. Good Wishes for a joyous Onam.

    My heartfelt Onam wishes for you. May all your dreams come true this Onam! Have a nice and prosperous Onam.

    On the Onam day, apart from making other arrangements, young girls prepare elaborate Pookalams to welcome their most loved King. Download and send to all your near and dear ones these Athapookalam Drawings pictures via messenger or SMS to wish them in a great way.

    I take this opportunity to wish a very Happy Onam. May god always shower his blessing on all of you!

    Forever remembering thoughts of happiness and prosperity to all with sweet Onam days.

    When Marvel, our king, ruled the land, all the people had equality and people have joyful and merry!

    Onam is a memory of King Maha Bali. Every year during August or September.

    It’s Onam so celebrate the spirit of the harvest festival in all its splendor decorate your house with pookalms listen to the melodious onappattus.

    May the celebration of return of pious Mahabali abode well for you and your family!

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